Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've spent the last two days in coffee shops playing games and writing on my laptop. Part of it is because I can't get internet service at home except on the family computer (which I prefer not to use), and part of it is because it keeps me out of the house. Away from my parents, away from food. I sit here and sip coffee for hours, occasionally ducking out for a cigarette in the frigid November weather.

I've been maintaining at 152 for the last 2 days, but my stomach and legs getting noticeably smaller. It's a small accomplishment, but an accomplishment nonetheless. Considering that I've been very good and haven't broken routine (keeping it under 200 calories every day for 4 days), I should see some weight loss by tomorrow. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll be in the 140's. *crossing fingers*

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